Only in Darkness can you see the Stars

Catherina Renard
Mystic Knight


"The Stars, they speak to me."

Age: 32?
Birthplace: Valnain, Dalmasca
Current home: Lavender Beds
Gender: Female
Race: Hyur, Midlander
Languages: Eorzean, Dalmascan
Orientation: Pansexual
Marital status: Taken by K'inja Shivaji
Occupation: Mystic Knight, FC co-leader

Height: 5 fulms, 2 ilms
Weight: 120 ponzes
Hair: Sandy blonde, dyed rolanberry
Eyes: Green

The midlander going by the name of Catherina Renard is a lady that appears in her early thirties, some would say late twenties, but something clouds definitive numbers. Born in nobility in Valnain, an important port city and merchant hub in Dalmasca, she lived an easy childhood with a life that was mostly traced before her eyes. By alliance, and for political reasons, Catherina was to be married with a young man in the military, soon after her family and her would come back from Eorzea for good. Which never happened.

Instead, the Garlean occupency prevented all entry and exit from the country, and so Catherina and her family stayed on Vylbrand, where she continued her learnings. Later, persued her studies in thaumaturgy, moving alone to Ul'dah and met an aristocrate that owned a mining business in Limsa Lominsa. They quickly got married, because this was life. Or was it? Mistreated and abused by her husband, the midlander lived many years in isolation before turning to a man who would offer her a way out: black magick. Fueled by passion and knowledge, Catherina mastered the principles of environmental aether manipulation and found a way out with pure destruction.

After her Master passed, she was but alone in a world that was now completely strange to her: away from home, without her parents, left our of the society her husband had prevented her to see and live. A few years of seclusion went on, during which she researched magick even further and joined a coven. Determined to come back to the surface, Catherina joined a privateer crew, which she had thought to be a tea shop. It was far from it, but it opened the door to a whole new world where she met the people she trust the most today, with whom the woman founded the Aetherwatch Society.

In the latest year, Catherina has been leading her company with Emeline, her closest companion. They work as redressers to heal the realms of the devastation of dark magick. She dreams of a better magick ethic that would guide the world in the old ways without causing harm or losses. Although what this woman has the most is time, the work of many generations awaits her.

Spell fencing
Following in her late father's footsteps, Catherina learned the ways of spell fencing to become a Mystic Knight. Using her father's runeblade, Star Ocean, Catherina mastered the art of sword magick: to enchant her magical weapon with elemental aether. She now yearns the possibility to return home and learn the true ways with the remaining fencers and to have a runeblade to name herself, to protect her beliefs, her country and her friends.

Books written and researches by Catherina Renard or in collaboration
On Magick and Romance, a collaboration.
Soul Transfers and Humunculi in the Process of Saving Lives (pulled out of publication).
Magick Synergy, vol. II, research contribution.
Meta-Analysis on Modern Environmental Aether Manipulation.
The Grey Ethics of Magick.
Erotism and Aether Manipulation, a collaboration.
Espers: From Demons to Saviors of the Desert Sapphire.
Erotic Magick, 3rd edition.
Live Foci (pulled out of publication).
Blacker Magick, 2nd edition.
Black Coeurls and Magick.

RP Hooks

"You have the whole night to dream, make the most of it."

Dalmascan: Catherina was born in Valnain, Dalmasca. Her father was well known and highly ranked in the Royal Navy. His ship, the Celestial, was amongst the largest warships of the fleet. Maybe you are Dalmascan as well or associated with her father, somehow and would have seen or heard about this royalist daughter of Dalmasca? Or maybe you are in a resistance cell or know someone she desperately seeks.

Redresser: Do you need services from the Aetherwatch Society? It is well known that Catherina is one of the leaders of a aetheric redressing company and clinic, maybe you are in need of services?

Enemies: Through the years, she made a lot of them. Whether it is from an old grudge, a fight or even her attitude, Catherina got on the wrong page of many people in the past. Maybe you were wronged before? Catherina may have gotten unwanted attention from Hunters, maybe the price on her bounty is worth the risk.

A Witch: Catherina is a witch in the coven of the 13 Witches. This knowledge is rather obscure, but is known by a few and words tend to travel far. Maybe you are familiar with the magick community and you seek her out for advice, services or knowledge?

Book collector: She has a vast collection of books, some in double or triple copies because she forgets already owning it. She also roams around different libraries in search of rare and interesting finds. Catherina even had the priviledge to write a few works herself. Maybe you read some of it?


Truth, lie or distortion?

Older: What you see is what you get, but Catherina is older than the eye perceives. Maybe you are of another generation as well and would have crossed her path many years ago?

A monster: Innocent or guilty, civilian or military, Catherina is heartless and has turned towns to ashes if her enemy was within. An actual monster by definition, could it be?

Redemption or good will: Catherina has something to make up for. She donates gils and physical effort to charity, going in people's houses to help them on the frontline called life. Would this face hide a generous heart?

Public enemy: Catherina is an anarchist, having no respect for social structure. She will take every possible opportunity to sabotage the herarchy. Rebel at heart or vigilante?

Royalty: Catherina is closer to the royal family than she lets know. Would a member of royalty still be alive?

Screenshot gallery

"I don't exist for your eyes. Do I exist for your heart?"

Art gallery

Allies & Friends

"Bit by bit, I want to kiss every mystery out of you."

K'inja Shivaji
The voice behind her inspiration, the hands that warm her heart and the arms that keep her off the floor, K'inja is Catherina's lover. Together, they share passion and affection, displaying their feelings in a dance both mysterious and honest. The Miqo'te's words will forever echo in her heart: "I'll protect you to the ends of Hydaelyn and beyond. You have my word."

"Promise you will stop me before."

Emeline Tousart
Emeline is Catherina's anchor. After meeting a few years ago, they quickly became friends and accomplices, witnesses to nightmares and close confidents. They have been through friendship, war, death, love and beyond, and Catherina will forever be the protector of Emeline's family.

"You can tell me anything."

Aurora Tsuki

Catherina has known Aurora for years now, but it is only in the last one that they have become closer friends. They don't need to talk much to understand each other, sometimes, one silent look says it all.

"I hope you'll see me in your present."

Jaran of the Dotharl

Catherina met Jaran some years ago in a complete different context. They reconnected with the Accord and their bond grows stronger. Jaran brings support, comfort and even a dose of affection.

"You did this... for me?"

Lucas Rajan

Meeting Lucas has shown Catherina that she can trust men again. He has been there at every turn since, offering care and respect. Lucas is a man of opportunity that will never have enough power, or so he said himself, but yet, she trusts him blindly.

"Someday, you will feel at home."

Cordelia Harper
Catherina first met Cordelia at a lecture she was giving at Liberty Industries. Cordelia has shown a respectful curiosity, which leads Catherina to talk about herself. There's something about Cordelia that makes her care a lot.

"I can't hide anything from you, can I?"

Namida Wyrmsong
First meeting over over a cup of tea, friendship between Catherina and Namida instantly spawned. In just a few meetings, Catherina have been unfolding her layers to the Elezen who seems to have secrets of her own.

"I don't need a reason to feel this way."

Ea Sangrid
They met by curiosity, continued by interest and look forward by mystery. Catherina's relationship with Sangrid can be compared to a ship on a vast ocean. No one knows what lurks bellow, whether it's unfound treasures or creeping monsters.

"I'm always glad to see you."

Framboise Zakuro
Framboise showed up one night at the clinic and has been a great ally ever since. She is welcomed for tea or to ask for help, but sometimes, one could wonder who helps who.

"I'm jealous of your innocence."

Leilani Lani
Their first meeting was when Leilani approached Catherina and Emeline to form the Accord. She quickly earned respect as being a young ambitious and kind person. They would gain much to know each other more, but each thing in due time.

"I look forward to read you."

Rouena Claimuet
Books brought this Miqo'te to Catherina, friendship keeps them together. Rouena is a discreet and modest friend that is bound to do great things, which Catherina cannot wait to see.

"Your past doesn't make you different, it's what you do with it."

Vael Winters
Vael approached Catherina with a peculiar request regarding her troubled past. Although the initial meeting was professional, they could not avoid a certain bond.

"Don't give me that look."

The small black coeurl that walks in Catherina's shadow never leaves her sight. Whether it is on official business or on the field, the feline have been following her heels for many years.

(More to come!)


Hewo! It me! Hmm, honestly I don't know what to add, I've been working on this Carrd for too long, since I mostly invested in my Tumblr, accessible at the bottom of this page. I am a mother above 30, which gives me a lot of time to RP and no time at all at the same time. As you might expect, my daughter is my all time priority, but I do find the necessary time to lead the FC and RP with outsiders just fine!

I enjoy all sorts of RP, but I prefer light stuff outside of my FC. I can do short segments or longer adventures too! I do not mind ERP as long as it is within context, note that I am extremely loyal to my partner. I cannot RP with anything concerning infantile death or abortions, those are my absolute triggers.

I am usually available between 8PM to 11PM EST, and sometimes earlier or later. Oh, and I'm french! English is not my main language, so excuse me if I'm confusing at time..!

Feel free to reach out!
In-game: Catherina Renard
Discord: Blackmagesol#1569


"Where words won't work, music will."

Screenshot by Crystia.

Music has always been an important part in Catherina's life, though it was kept to herself for the bigger part of the latest years. When she was a child, playing various instruments was part of her education: the piano, the violin, the flute, the harp, the mandolin and the cello. It kept her mind healthy, so her instructor often said.

Once she started to share her talents with others, Catherina found herself pleased about making people happy with music. It took her many years in front of friends before actually presenting her first concert. From there, it will not be the last.

Looking for a live concert? Well I'm looking to play more often in front of people! Send me a DM either online or through Discord, information on the OOC page. <3


Aetherscale's Valentione Raffle and Ball's dance competition: Best dressed

Valtin's Institute's talent show: Second place

The Everlast Accord Summer Festival's volleyball tournament: Second place